Plugged In

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The Dux proflo is an electric hot water system that Dux produces, so you are plugged into the grid and will be charged accordingly whenever you use the hot water, they even have small systems that can be directly plugged in and don’t use three phase. Which could be very handy just transport it around the house wherever you need it, much like a huge urn, though I wouldn’t drink the water not advisable. 

Whenever you go to any company website that offers efficient water pumps systems for sale you will see that the electric heaters are the last ones offered, like some dirty little secret they are trying to hide. This is because they are trying to get you to go for the more environmentally friendly options, they are all much the same price and there is really no difference in performance, so it is a mystery why as to why you would buy a water heater that is going to have a carbon footprint the size of a yeti, instead of a tiny fairy footprint. 

Solar systems also offer rebates and payments depending on what state you live in and what deals are available through the companies, so not only are you going to be getting money back but you are effectively helping the environment by purchasing a heater that uses natural resources as its fuel.

Sunlight is unlimited and if you are worried that you live in an area that has a lot of cloud cover then you can get a half/half set up, where you have to solar panels installed but also have a gas or helical rotor solar pump installed as well for those occasions where the water does not have a chance of being heated by the magical rays from the sky.

There is a bit more maintenance to having solar system but nothing to dramatic, you just have to make sure the panels are situated in the correct position on your roof for maximum exposure and that they are not going to be covered by too much debris. This means keeping leaves and branches from falling on them, so you may have to go up on the roof every now and again and give them a bit of a wash down and clear away any rubbish, much like you do to keep the gutters clean. It is not much to ask in exchange for a much lower electricity bill and helping to keep our planet a healthier place to live. A little elbow grease and if you can’t do it yourself then when you get the guy out to clean the gutters he can have a look at the panels and give them a bit of a sprucing up as well. The company you buy them off of will be able to advise you on the care of them and how to extend the life of the solar panels which is what you want.